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Team Jacob - "Da 6-Pack"

Image of Team Jacob - "Da 6-Pack"

$30.00 - On Sale

Aloha My Name is Jacob Romero, I'm 27 years old from Maui, Hawaii.

I'm a Professional Bodyboarder and have officially qualified for the IBA World Tour 2013. Only two other American\Hawaiian riders have qualified 9-time World Champ Mike Stewart and 3-time and Current World Champ Jeffery Hubbard.

In my quest to chase a Bodyboarding World Title, Da Secret Sauce have set up a Travel fund, in which all Profits ($15) will directly be transferred to me when on the road. Every dollar counts when traveling and the less time I spend on worrying about funds for necessities the more I can spend time on training and the competition.

This is a very unique and amazing way in which you can directly impact me immediately. For every purchase made I will have a section in my blog for people who have purchased this 6 pack.

"Da 6 Pack which retails for $36 is here for you for only $30. Da Secret Sauce is an "Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water" Through out the years, chili water has slowly become non-existent except specialty restaurants and stores. With the resurgence of locally grown and locally made, I decided to dedicate my free time and energy to give life back to the Chili Water. After months of trial and error, I believe I have found a way to produce a highly quality product in mass without losing its original essence." - Rex Moribe

More information can be found on www.DaSecretSauce.Com

Shipping is $10 and is available to
American Samoa
Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Again Mahalo for your purchase.

Jacob Romero