Image of Team Jacob - "Da Shrimp Pack"

Team Jacob - "Da Shrimp Pack"


Aloha My Name is Jacob Romero, I'm 27 years old from Maui, Hawaii.

I'm a Professional Bodyboarder and have officially qualified for the IBA World Tour 2013. Only two other American\Hawaiian riders have qualified 9-time World Champ Mike Stewart and 3-time and Current World Champ Jeffery Hubbard.

In my quest to chase a Bodyboarding World Title, Da Secret Sauce have set up a Travel fund, in which all Profits ($10) will directly be transferred to me when on the road. Every dollar counts when traveling and the less time I spend on worrying about funds for necessities the more I can spend time on training and the competition.

This is a very unique and amazing way in which you can directly impact me immediately. For every purchase made I will have a section in my blog for people who have purchased this Shrimp pack. http://jacobromerohags.blogspot.com/

Da Shrimp Pack is very limited, only 100 stickers have been made and the design has been scrapped. If we sale all 100 Shrimp Packs, we will raise $1,000 for Jacob Romero.

Da Secret Sauce is an "Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water" Through out the years, chili water has slowly become non-existent except specialty restaurants and stores. With the resurgence of locally grown and locally made, I decided to dedicate my free time and energy to give life back to the Chili Water. After months of trial and error, I believe I have found a way to produce a highly quality product in mass without losing its original essence." - Rex Moribe

More information can be found on www.DaSecretSauce.Com

Shipping is included
American Samoa
Costa Rica
Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

Again Mahalo for your purchase.

Jacob Romero